The Social Enterprise Summit

The 2018 Strong Mountain Communities Social Enterprise Summit presented by Coalfield Development is set for November 16th at Tamarack in Beckley, West Virginia. Renew your sense of optimism in Appalachia by joining entrepreneurs, small business professionals, funders, and social impact advocates from across the region. Brainstorm, network, and find unique ways to build and grow the Appalachian economy from the ground up. Stay tuned for more information!




Conference Agenda

Registration, Breakfast, Etc.

Location: Pre-Function Area

Summit Welcome

Location: Ballroom A/B

Facilitators: Jina Belcher, Coalfield Development; Jennifer Wells, WV Healthy Kids and Families Coalition; Crystal Good, Social Entrepreneur

Description: Help us kick off an exciting day of inspiration, education, and networking! We'll celebrate 5 WV social entrepreneurs nominated by constituents as our Social Entrepreneurs of the Year, introduce Jennifer Wells as the new Director of WV Healthy Kids and Families Coalition, and do a little housekeeping to describe the great work we're digging into today!

What Are We Doing Here?: Social Enterprise in Appalachia

Location: Ballroom A/B

Facilitator: Brandon Dennison

Description: Social Enterprise is a hot topic buzz-word across Appalachia but what does it really mean? Brandon Dennison, CEO of Coalfield Development, defines 'social enterprise' and provides his outlook on the growth and forecast for the work in Appalachia.

If you make 'em snooze, you lose: Amp Up Your Elevator Pitch!

Location: Atrium

Facilitator: Emma Pepper, WV Community Development Hub

Description: In this marketing/communications technical assistance learning session, learn about the Simon Sinek Golden Circle concept - "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" and how to apply this concept to your elevator pitch. You’ll use your new elevator pitches in action and discover how to use social media to amp up your elevator pitch to achieve maximum results!

9:30-10:40 SESSIONS
Becoming the Change: Defining social entrepreneurship and applying best practices to move the needle in WV

Location: Ballroom A/B

Facilitator: Jeremy Turner, EPIC Mission

Description: Social entrepreneurship is all the rage these days thanks to a new breed of high impact organizations bursting onto the scene, but what does it mean to be a social entrepreneur, and do social entrepreneurs have what they need to succeed in WV? In this highly interactive session, we will define what is social entrepreneurship, identify our state’s greatest strengths and assets and apply the 4 building blocks approach for new venture success towards solving WV’s most pressing social causes. Will you #BeTheChange?

What if West Virginia were the best state to start a small business? A How-To Session for Making Policy Change

Location: Ballroom C

Facilitators: Kristen O'Sullivan, WV Healthy Kids and Families; Stephen Smith, Working Families Party

Description: In this interactive session, we will cover the basics of how to organize for policy change, we will hear from policy advocates about specific issues that might be up for discussion at the legislature, and we will brainstorm with participants the sorts of policy change that would really make a difference for entrepreneurs.

Boss Babes WV: Shattering Glass Ceilings Across Appalachia

Location: Board Room

Facilitators: Kayla Young Wilson, Boss Babes WV; Jodi Hollingshead, Boss Babes WV

Description: How do you generate buzz around your brand when no one’s ever heard of you? We’ll talk about personal and professional branding, the power of storytelling, leveraging community support, and making women’s ideas and voices the norm in our region.

10:45-11:55 SESSIONS
Fresh Success: Young Entrepreneurs in Appalachia

Location: Ballroom C

Facilitator: Natalie Roper, Generation WV

Description: Join Natalie for an engaging discussion with a panel of young entrepreneurs who have successfully turned an idea into a business in West Virginia. They'll share what has made them successful, lessons they've learned, and takeaways for improved entrepreneurial support in the state.

Social Ventures Investment Panel

Location: Board Room

Facilitator: Paul Wright, Wright Venture Services

Description: Join Paul and a panel of investors to learn how impact investors evaluate projects and share success stories from experienced underwriters of social ventures in Appalachia.

Social Enterprise Showcase Round 1

Location: Ballroom A/B

Description: Enjoy lunch while watching 12 of our 24 Social Enterprise Showcase finalists pitch their social enterprise ideas to a panel of judges for a chance to win up to $1000 in capital!

Social Enterprise Showcase Round 2

Location: Ballroom A/B

Description: The final 12 of 24 Social Enterprise Showcase finalists pitch their social enterprise ideas to a panel of judges for a chance to win up to $1000 in capital!

Accounting For Small Business: Breaking it Down to the Basics

Location: Atrium

Facilitator: Katie Cobbs, Brown Edwards CPAs

Description: In this accounting technical assistance learning session, join accounting professional Katie Cobbs for a tangible lesson to find out what it takes to crunch your small business numbers. We'll define commonly used terms, learn what financial information funders are looking for when considering your business for financing, and have a better understanding of financial health for your enterprise.

2:00-3:30 SESSIONS
Embracing Addiction Recovery Efforts through Education, Training, and Employment

Location: Ballroom C

Facilitator: Tammy Jordan, Fruits of Labor, Inc.; Robin Morgan, WorkForce WV

Description: This session will explore the deep impact that education, training, and employment has on those in recovery. We will discuss how businesses, social enterprises, and organizations can come along side individuals in recovery who face the greatest barriers entering the workforce to provide a place of healing, transformation, training, and employment. This space will provide an open discussion of the successes as well as the challenges, hurdles, and difficulties from both the business/organizational view as well as the individual's experience.

Coalfield Development Strategic Planning

Location: Ballroom A/B

Facilitator: Jeremy Turner, EPIC Mission; Brandon Dennison, Coalfield Development

Description: Coalfield Development staff, enterprise leaders, crew members, board members, and stake holders gather together to strategize and plan for an exciting year in 2019! General public is allowed to attend to observe.

Social Enterprise Showcase Award Presentation

Location: Ballroom A/B

Description: Let's celebrate! Find out how the competition stacked up as we award our contestants!

Whew, it's over! So what have we learned?

Location: Ballroom A/B

Facilitator: Barbara Wyckoff, Creative Disruptors

Description: It's been a great day! Barbara and her team of listeners have captured SO much information and we can't wait to hear what they have to report. Join us in relishing in the data that will shape the future work of social entrepreneurs in Appalachia.

Participants must plan to attend the Social Enterprise Summit on November 16th, 2018 at Tamarack in Beckley, WV.