We focus on sustainable economic development and diversification.

Strong Mountain Communities is focused on nurturing job creation and sustainable economic development and diversification in the southern coalfields of West Virginia. We provide deal-making services that align funding, technical assistance, business coaching and promotion to support and adequately capitalize burgeoning businesses and social enterprises in our region.

We serve as a central convener for businesses, organizations and stake holders concerned with the economic well-being of southern West Virginia. We collect and disseminate the lessons learned by its partners through an annual regional conference, periodic meetings at the local level and representation and advocacy at regional and national meetings.

We measure success according to the triple bottom line.





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We Must Believe

One hot July evening, I had a conversation with a contractor that literally went as follows: After pitching my green collar jobs idea, he responded: “Wayne County?!?! Wayne County has the laziest people I’ve ever…

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Quality Jobs

The centerpiece of Coalfield’s operation is its Quality Jobs Initiative (QJI), a program that employs local youth – recent high school graduates to those in their twenties – to be boots on the ground for the organization’s…

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Theory of Change

Without spirit, without willpower, without opportunities for overcoming structural barriers, a full life feels unattainable. It is the Coalfield Development Corporation’s belief that the cause of so many woes…

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